As a Philadelphia-based theatre company, we produce and develop work by emerging playwrights that embraces the queer experience through authentic, modern, and innovative storytelling.

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ABOUT US: Founded in 2020 by a group of emerging theatre artists from the Greater Philadelphia Area, The Strides Collective’s main goal is to produce, amplify, and develop theatrical work by emerging playwrights that highlight authentic queer characters and experiences. We will work to destigmatize the narrative surrounding LGBTQIA+ folk, emphasizing that the future of queer storytelling is limitless. The Strides Collective will always be inclusive and supportive, providing a safe artistic home for emerging artists to explore freely and take risks without fear of judgment.

Current Collective Members

  • Jonathan Edmondson (Artistic Director; he/him)
  • Nico Galloway (Artistic Assistant; he/him)
  • Tanner Richardett (Production Manager; he/him)
  • Colby Frederick (Resident Dramaturg; he/him and they/them)
  • Aggie Woodbury (Producer; she/her)
  • Caroline Juelke (Producer; she/her)
  • Maya Chester-Ziv (New Play Development Producer; she/her)
  • Emily Dzioba (New Play Development Producer; she/her)
  • Hunter Smith (Associate Production Manager; he/him)
  • Dana Liu (Marketing Director; she/her)
  • Jessica Money (Associate Member; she/her)
  • Matt Fertakos (Associate Member; he/him)

Previous Productions


ACCESSIBILITY: Whether in-person or online, we will implement strategies to make our productions accessible to a wider audience. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: We hold ourselves accountable in our work each and every day. At the same time, we know that we are far from perfect. We encourage our audiences to provide feedback to ensure that there’s an open dialogue between us and our community.

AFFORDABILITY: Theatre should be an experience for all, not a luxury for the few. Affordability is an essential part of our existence, giving people of all financial statuses the ability to escape reality and indulge in a work of art.

DEVELOPMENT AND MENTORSHIP: By partnering with emerging artists, we look to support and amplify voices that are not often heard. We will continue to provide the resources and access that is needed in order to help their work flourish.

INCLUSIVITY AND ANTI-RACISM: This will always be at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to provide opportunities for emerging artists, and ensure there is diversity within our productions. 

MODERNITY: Our modernity is twofold, both in how we create theatre, and the types of theatre we produce.

TRANSPARENCY: We believe in radical transparency, communicating openly with all our members, artists, and patrons. This not only aids in keeping us accountable, but assists in creating a safe space for creation and exploration.

Contact us at TheStridesCollective@gmail.com

Instagram: @TheStridesCollective

2021 Submission Opportunity

The Strides Collective Emerging Playwrights Virtual Residency

The deadline for submissions to our 2021 Emerging Playwrights Virtual Residency has passed. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming opportunities, please email us at TheStridesCollective@gmail.com.